Famous Chinese singer accused of copying SNSD Taeyeon’s MV and BLACKPINK Lisa’s style

Chinese singer Yu Yan is said to have plagiarized Taeyong and Lisa in her new MV “Who”

On May 26th, Chinese singer Yu Yan dropped her new MV “Who” after 2 years of absence, only to receive heavy criticism from Kpop fans. In particular, netizens detected uncanny similarities between Yu Yan’s “Who” MV with SNSD Taeyeon’s “INVU” MV, as well as many coincidences between an outfit of Yu Yan and one worn by BLACKPINK Lisa

Various scenes from “Who” bear strong resemblances with Taeyeon’s “INVU”, leading mixed reaction among Asia communities, who felt disbelief at the alleged copying, especially when Yu Yan is a big star in China. 

mv who
Yu Yan’s new MV is eerily similar to Taeyeon’s “INVU” MV
taeyeon invu
Taeyeon transformed into a goddess in “INVU”
Taeyeon’s “INVU” MV. 

In addition, in one scene of “Who”, Yu Yan was dressed in red dress with long braided hair – which resembles BLACKPINK Lisa in a promotional poster for her solo album “LALISA”. The multiple similarities earned Yu Yan the ire of many Kpop fans, Cbiz fans, and netizens alike. 

mv who
Yu Yan’s red dress and long braided hair. 
BLACKPINK Lisa in the promotional poster for “LALISA”

In a recent livestream, Yu Yan addressed these plagiarism allegations herself, explaining every detail of her MV. The Chinese singer claimed that everything from her trailer to MV was filmed and staged in accordance with a tight storyline that she had planned long before. 

According to Yu Yan, the storyline and concept was decided before “INVU”, and therefore she didn’t copy anything. In fact, she already deleted several scenes that cost a lot of film , but looked too similar to another product. 

mv who
Various similar scenes between Yu Yan’s “Who” and Taeyeon’s “INVU”

Yu Yan’s makeup artist and hair stylist also expressed her stance on the matter, saying: “The makeup and hairstyle were done to best suit the MV’s story and concept. Don’t use your baseless words to refute our hard work and spread misinformation out of pure malice.”

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