Sued by advertisers, Seo Ye-ji’s side refuted, “The controversy in the past are not true”

Actress Seo Ye-ji, who is about to return to the TV screen, is said to have been sued by her advertisers.

According to the Busan Ilbo, Seo Ye-ji was sued for damages last year by Company A, a company in charge of advertising models. Company A, which had selected Seo Ye-ji as an advertising model, was included in the list of boycotts by the consumers due to Seo Ye-ji’s controversy over “gaslighting and fake profile”, and it was required to pay additional costs in the process of re-shooting the advertisement.

According to many reports, Seo Ye-ji’s agency disagreed with Company A’s request for such additional costs and damages, which eventually led to a legal battle. Seo Ye-ji’s side says that the various suspicions she received last year were not true, so it cannot be used as a reason to terminate the contract and that she is not obligated to compensate for damages.

Seo Ye-ji

Company A countered, “If the controversy was just a rumor at the time, she should have clearly explained it with her own will,” adding, “At the time, she did not actively explain anything, which eventually damaged the brand image.”

In April last year, Seo Ye-ji faced countless criticism after it was revealed that she gaslighted her ex-lover, actor Kim Jung-hyun, causing him to react rudely to other actors and eventually left the project. Adding to the fire, additional allegations of Seo Ye-ji’s school violence past and forgery of the academic background were raised at the time, but the agency denied all of those.

In the aftermath, Seo Ye-ji went on a hiatus in the entertainment industry by dropping out of the dramas she was starring in. However, she recently announced her return. tvN drama “Eve,” in which she was selected as the main cast, is set to air on June 10th.

Seo Ye-ji

Seo Ye-ji had been silent since the declaration of her return, and only issued a late apology on February 27th, about 10 months after the controversy. At the time, Seo Ye-ji said, “Everything stems from my immaturity, so I will try to be more careful and show you my mature appearance in the future.”

Source: Nate

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