The reason why Girls’ Generation’s Yoona suddenly appeared at the subway station 

Yoona’s surprise appearance at the subway station caught the attention. 

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, who celebrated her birthday on May 30th, went to the Seoul-forest Station on the Suin-Bundang Line to see the ad that fans put up to wish her a happy birthday. She took a proof shot by posing in front of the billboard on the subway and posted it on Instagram.

snsd yoona

The billboard reads, “Happy birthday to Yoona, who was born at the end of spring” and “We look forward to your shining days ahead.” Yoona also made a big heart with her hands over her head, expressing her gratitude to the fans. 

Yoona also shared four-cut photos she took at a photobooth to celebrate her birthday. In the photos, she shows off her bubbly charm through cute and playful poses. It’s hard to believe that she is in her 30s. 

snsd yoona

Yoona started her career in 2007 and celebrated her 15th anniversary this year. Throughout the years, she has always showed off her deep, unchanging affection for fans. She had a live broadcast on her birthday and a simple birthday party with fans. Yoona treating fans like her friends has touched fans’ hearts. When Yoona posted on Instagram, saying, “Today is my birthday. Thank you for congratulating me”, about 9,300 congratulatory comments were left by fans within just 12 hours.

snsd yoona

Born on May 30, 1990, Yoona turned 33 this year in Korean age. She made her official debut as an actress and singer in 2007 after passing through her trainee days. She auditioned for SM Entertainment when she was in the 6th grade of elementary school.

Yoona is going to meet viewers again through MBC’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama ‘Big Mouth‘, which is scheduled to air this July.

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