Actor Lee Seung-gi confesses about his hair loss at the age of 36, “I’m taking medicine because my hair is getting thinner”

Singer-actor Lee Seung-gi talks about taking medicine to cure hair loss. 

The 9th episode of SBS’s “Circle House”, which is scheduled for tomorrow (April 21st), will talk about the theme “The majority of people who discriminate vs the minority of people who exaggerate things, the odd X in this area”.

In the recording before the official broadcast, a bald head designer, who gave up marriage due to his hair loss appeared.


He confessed about the discriminatory gaze that he had to endure throughout his whole life because he doesn’t have as much hair as others and his efforts to overcome it.

Revealing that he has tried all kinds of folk remedies, such as applying toothpaste to his scalp and eating larvas, the bald head designer surprised everyone as he said he even underwent hair transplant surgery 6 times as his last hope to cure hair loss.


Moreover, he recalled the past when he had to wear a hat 24 hours a day and avoid even a drop of water. He shared, “For the sake of over 10 million people who suffer hair loss, I took on the job of a bald head designer”, drawing attention.

The bald head designer amazed everyone with the amount of information about bald heads he has gained from his job, saying, “Now I can even predict when a people will have hair loss just by looking at their heads”

As a result, the cast of “Circle House” asked the bald head designer to give a diagnosis on their hair condition and a hair loss counseling center was opened right in the filming studio.


With the appearance of a hair loss expert, Lee Seung-gi confessed, “I’m taking hair loss medicine because my hair seems to be getting thinner”. The actor then seriously asked for hair loss counseling and advice.

Lee Seung-gi once made headlines with the picture of his M-shaped forehead released more than 5 years ago. 

In addition, it is said that Han Ga-in was also diagnosed with a shocking hair condition that turned the filming set upside down.


Apart from the “bald head designer”, a “mixed-race model” who is discriminated against because of her skin color, a “male nurse” who has to fight stereotypes about his job, and a “female carpenter” who is not accepted as a construction worker also appeared and expressed their desire to escape from prejudices and discrimination in this society.

In response, Dr. Oh Eun-young delivered warm consolations to the guests who were hurt because they are not ordinary and gave strict warnings to those who have rude ideas of discrimination.

Meanwhile, the 9th episode of “Circle House” airs tomorrow (April 21st) at 9 p.m.

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