From BLACKPINK to 2NE1, YG girl groups set the Coachella stage on fire 

The power of YG girl groups is no joke. 

Being included in the lineup of performers at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in America is a great honor for any artist. Stars invited to take the stage at Coachella are all popular with outstanding music careers. K-pop groups that wish to expand their presence in America also seek the opportunity to appear at the world’s largest music festival.

2NE1 Coachella
…and BLACKPINK are the only K-pop girl groups that performed at Coachella so far

Up to now, there are only three K-pop girl groups in history to ever perform at Kpop at Coachella. Excluding aespa that hasn’t performed, the other two girl groups that made history at Coachella, 2NE1 and BLACKPINK, are both from YG. 

3 years into their debut, BLACKPINK had historic performances at Coachella 2019

When they became the first girl group and first K-pop group to perform at Coachella, BLACKPINK was only in their 3rd year since their debut. But their electrifying performances at Coachella 2019 became one of the most iconic moments not only in BLACKPINK’s careers but also in the history of K-pop. 

BLACKPINK’s first show at Coachella drew plenty of audiences

BLACKPINK successfully ignited the Coachella stage with incredible performances of their smash hits in the cheers of hundreds of thousands of audiences.

BLACKPINK – Kill This Love live at Coachella 2019

BLACKPINK’s stage presence is not inferior to any Western artist. Their confidence, powerful vocals, amazing choreography, and charismatic beauty are what make BLACKPINK at Coachella historic and memorable. 

Jennie’s SOLO fancam at Coachella

Jennie boasted her ability to master the stage and pulled off all three skills of rapping, singing, and dancing in a solo stage. Rosé remains iconic with her blonde hair and top-tier performing skills. Jisoo‘s mesmerizing visuals and Lisa‘s captivating dance moves were also the highlights of BLACKPINK’s stage. 

Rose Blackpink
The iconic blonde-haired Rosé at Coachella 

Although it has been 3 years since Coachella 2019, fans still can’t get over BLACKPINK’s performances, with every video of their stages recording reaching tens of millions of views on Youtube, and the numbers are still going up. 

Fans will always remember Lisa’s sexy dance moves
… and Jisoo’s captivating visuals 
BLACKPINK at Coachella went into the history 

6 years after disbandment, 2NE1 had an unexpected and emotional reunion at Coachella 2022 

Different from BLACKPINK, 2NE1‘s performance at Coachella was a surprise reunion 6 years after the group’s disbandment. Currently, CL is the member with the most outstanding career in music in 2NE1. She was invited to perform at Coachella alone, but she ended up asking her 2NE1 bandmates to join her on the stage. 

2NE1 set the Coachella stage on fire 

With no announcement in advance, 2NE1 brought a surprise performance of their legendary hit “I Am The Best” with all 4 members in America. If BLACKPINK’s appearance was well-prepared by YG, from music, set-up, to styling, 2NE1’s stage was completely planned by the members themselves.

6 years after disbandment, fans could 2NE1 on stage as four again 

With the 2022 version of “I Am The Best”, 2NE1 proves they aren’t called one of the legendary K-pop girl groups for nothing. The stage draws explosive reactions as it makes every K-pop fan feel nostalgic and emotional. 

2ne1 CL
CL is the reason why 2NE1 got to reunite at Coachella
2ne1 Dara
Park Bom
Park Bom
2ne1 Minzy
and Minzy bring back their signature looks back in 2NE1’s prime onto the reunion stage 

Both debuting under YG with a 4-member lineup and a girl-crush concept, 2NE1 and BLACKPINK are often pitted against each other. When 2NE1’s sudden disbandment was announced in 2016, the same year BLACKPINK was launched, many fans even accused YG of getting rid of 2NE1 to focus on BLACKPINK. However, one undeniable thing proved through 2NE1 and BLACKPINK is that YG indeed created the most iconic girl groups that are irreplaceable. 

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