2NE1’s reunion at Coachella 2022 hit us right in the feels: Bom’s red hair, Minzy’s bob cut, and Dara’s mohawk are all back!

Memories come rushing back to fans as they watch 2NE1 on stage as four for the first time in 7 years. 

At Coachella 2022 held in California on April 16th (local time), 2NE1 surprised fans all over the world with a reunion performance of their legendary hit I Am The Best. This is 2NE1’s first stage with all four members 7 years after their last performance at the 2015 MAMA and 6 years after their disbandment. 

2NE1’s stage makes every fan feel nostalgic as they get to relive the golden era of K-pop’s 2nd generation. Although a long time has passed, 2NE1 members don’t show any changes. They look like they just debuted yesterday. 

Dara with her iconic long mohawk and timeless beauty 

Dara turns 37 years old this year, but having the iconic long mohawk again, she proves she has not aged a day! 

2ne1 Dara
2ne1 Dara
Is Dara aging backward? 

CL with the badass and edgy look remains unchanged 

CL just never stops being cool. 

2ne1 CL
2ne1 CL
Whenever CL goes on stage, she’s on fire

Park Bom is back with red hairstreaks and powerful vocals

It’s been a long time since fans have seen red-haired Bom dancing so happily on stage! 

2ne1 Park Bom

Maknae Minzy with her trademark bob haircut and top-tier dancing 

Minzy always devours the stage. 

2ne1 Minzy

Some comments from fans:

  • Dara even lost one of her shoes because she was so hyped up. 2NE1 slays!
  • I got goosebumps watching their performance. Welcome back, queens!
  • I can’t stop sobbing. There is really no other girl group with the energy like 2NE1 on stage.
  • OMG, they are really back together. I feel so nostalgic.
  • All the members have their signature looks. They really take me back to the 2nd gen era of K-pop. 
  • Dara’s hair is so iconic

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