“Running Man” Haha exposed Kim Jong-kook’s past dating history “It was just not a public relationship”

In “Running Man”, singer Haha mentioned Kim Jong-kook’s past love history.

In the latest episode of SBS entertainment program “Running Man“, which was broadcast on the afternoon of April 17th, the members desperately betrayed each other to avoid the payment bomb.

On this day, Ji Suk-jin asked Yang Se-chan, “You cursed a lot around me. Why do you stay away from Jeon So-min?” Then, Haha caught the attention of the viewers by saying, “If he stays away, then that means he still had a girlfriend then.”

In particular, Yoo Jae-suk pointed out Ji Suk-jin‘s tone and said, “In the past, when he was in a contest, he got scolded a lot because he couldn’t speak in dialect. Ji Suk-jin hyung should thank me. I introduced him to his wife while he introduced me to my ex-girlfriend.”

Embarrassed by this, Ji Suk-jin said, “Are we talking about the old days? His ex-girlfriend decided to meet him because of me.” Then Yoo Jae-suk said, “Your words seem to be a little too heavy.” The battle between the two of them became more and more heated.

Kim Jong-kook, who was quiet, looked at Haha and said, “Say it well.” Haha indirectly mentioned Kim Jong-kook’s love story, saying, “It was just not a public relationship.” Yoo Jae-suk also made everyone laugh by saying, “You’re good at fighting, that’s why I don’t say anything.”

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