Knetzs discusses the reason why NiziU is not popular in Korea

Recently, Korean netizens have discussed why NiziU is not popular in Korea.

A netizen recently posted many photos taken from a broadcast in Japan, talking about the Korea-Japan relationship. The show invited a Korean panelist as a special guest. During the show’s discussion, the Japanese host suddenly asked the Korean panelist: “Does NiziU really have no fans in Korea?” The Korean panelist replied: “NiziU? I don’t know them … I’m sorry ..”. After that, the Korean panelist laughed sheepishly and apologized because he honestly didn’t know about NiziU. However, the Japanese MC was silent in that dilemma. Since the incident, many Korean netizens have commented on the issue and given their views on NiziU’s under-popularity in Korea and its reasons.

Comments of netizens: “JY Park is the one who formed the group. Why are they proud of the group becoming famous?”, “They will probably be proud of NiziU being the famous K-pop group if the show participant says he knows them.”, “I just heard the name, but I don’t know who they are.”, “There are a lot of better idol groups in Korea. There’s no room for NiziU.”, “Look at the faces of the Japanese hosts.”

It is known that Niziu launched a pre-debut song called Make you happy in June. After only a short time, the group quickly became famous in Japanese, earning more than 160 million views on YouTube. In the near future, the group will officially debut and promise to be more successful in the country of Cherry Blossom.

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