Fans mad at SM as staff mistook a baby picture of ATEEZ’s Yeosang as a member of NCT 127 

A baby picture of ATEEZ’s Yeosang suddenly shows up in NCT 127’s official YouTube content.

NCT 127 recently dropped a new YouTube content called “To Us” ahead of their comeback. “To Us” is a touching series where NCT 127 members look back on their memories and share heartfelt video messages to each other. 

“To Us” was filmed inside a room filled with NCT 127 members’ old photos as prepared by the staff. However, this is where problems arose. 

In episode 2 of “To Us”, as soon as Taeil entered the room and looked through the photos, he noticed a strange frame and took it down to take a closer look. SM’s editor didn’t even realize what’s wrong and zoomed in on the photo. However, the baby in the photo is actually ATEEZ’s Yeosang and not any member of NCT 127. 

ateez yeosang

Currently, the scene where Taeil looked at Yeosang’s picture has been removed from the video. 

Not only using ATEEZ Yeosang’s baby picture, but SM staff also mistakenly printed out a fan-edited photo of Jaehyun and Taeyong, a random baby picture of Taeil taken from the Internet with a watermark on, to decorate the room used for “To Us”. 

ateez yeosang

The staff’s sloppiness has enraged NCT 127’s fans as they claim these mistakes could have been easily avoided. In fact, this is not the first time SM received criticism for making such ridiculous mistakes in their artists’ official releases. 

ateez yeosang sm nct

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