Hong Soo Hyun gets praised for her acting as a character who discovers that her husband is having an affair with her best friend

Actress Hong Soo Hyun finally met her best character.

In the 15th episode of TV Chosun’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Red Balloon”, which aired on February 11th, Han Ba Da (Hong Soo Hyun) found out that her husband Go Cha Won (Lee Sang Woo) was having an affair with her best friend Jo Eun Gang (Seo Ji Hye).

Red Balloon Hong Soo Hyun

With this episode, “Red Balloon” broke its own highest viewer rating record by achieving 8.9% nationwide and peaked at 9.4% in real-time. 

In episode 15, Han Ba Da called her best friend Cho Eun Gang to a crowded cafe. She greeted, “Nice to meet you”, then slapped Jo Eun Gang. With a serious look, Han Ba Da said, “You want me to explain why I hit you?”.

Red Balloon Hong Soo Hyun

As Han Ba Da said she discovered her relationship with Go Cha Won, Jo Eun Gang got embarrassed and couldn’t say a thing. At that moment, Go Cha Won arrived and Han Ba Da told him, “Sit next to her”, making Go Cha Won and Jo Eun gang sit opposite her.

Red Balloon Hong Soo Hyun
Red Balloon Hong Soo Hyun

Han Ba Da said, “Trashy humans sitting side by side. You two look good together. Since when? When did you two begin to have an affair?”, adding “‘You’re my first balloon? That’s crazy’”, referring to the message that Jo Eun Gang sent to Go Cha Won. Han Ba Da then slapped both Jo Eun Gang and Go Cha Won.

Perfectly portraying Han Ba Da, who finds out about the love affair between her best friend and her husband, Hong Soo Hyun captivated viewers with her amazing acting skills, from crying to laughing, shouting and suddenly getting angry. 

In response to Hong Soo Hyun’s performance, viewers commented, “The scene was amazing”, “I could understand the feelings of the wife. It’s so heartbreaking”, “Her acting relieves my anger”, “I didn’t know that Hong Soo Hyun is this good at acting”, etc.

Meanwhile, TV Chosun’s drama “Red Balloon” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 p.m.

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