HolyBang dancers reveal their impressions of NewJeans members, “They’re like ulzzangs in school… So young and pretty”

HolyBang Eeve and Mull expressed their feelings about meeting the famous rookie girl group NewJeans in person.

On February 11th, a new content video was uploaded on the Youtube channel of HolyBang.

On the set for a CF photoshoot, Eeve brought up the story of when she met NewJeans. Eeve said, “We were in the same plane with NewJeans members, right? They were so cute”. She turned to Mull and asked, “Don’t you think they look like bunnies?”. Mull added, “I was very surprised. They sat right in front of us. The members are so young and pretty”, confessing her feelings about meeting NewJeans in person.

Eeve continued, “They give me the feelings of ulzzangs in school” (“ulzzang” is a slang word to refer to someone with a very handsome or beautiful face). Emphasizing the refreshing beauty of NewJeans, Mull added, “All of them are not only pretty but also taller than me”.

Eeve said, “They’re 10 years younger than us. So cute”. The two couldn’t stop praising the visuals of NewJeans members.

Later, Eeve and Mull showed off their dancing instincts by performing NewJeans choreographies on the set. Since then they kept on doing NewJeans dances whenever they made eye contact with each other, creating a pleasant scene. 

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