Song Joong Ki demonstrates remarkable improvement in his English skills, coincidentally after dating his foreign girlfriend 

Fans speculated he has used more English in his everyday life to talk to his lover, resulting in the fast improvement. 

On December 26th, Song Joong Ki’s agency confirmed his relationship with a British girlfriend, one day after the rumor broke out. The new couple did not only go everywhere together but fans also noticed that Song Joong Ki has improved his English communication skills a lot after his new relationship. 

song joong ki girlfriend
Song Joong Ki and his British girlfriend at the airport earlier this month, fans speculated his new relationship helped improve his English communication skills (Image: Newsen) 

According to Naver, Song Joong Ki is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, apart from Korean. Nevertheless, in real life, his speaking needed some polishing-up to do as he was struggling to communicate with international fans or speak in English in many drama series.

In a two-minute English acting segment, the actor could not deliver the strong emotions or the needed amount of threat in scenes such as criminal facing, persuasion for cooperation or investigation, no matter the methods he tried (talking in slow pace and correct intonation). 

Song Joong Ki spoke English on the series 

In real life, Song Joong Ki did not do many interviews or talk to fans in English and only used simple structures when he had to. Fans also noticed his strong Korean accent when speaking the foreign language. 

Nonetheless, in a few months in late 2022, Song Joong Ki impressed the viewers with his improved English communication. In the Singapore press conference in early December, he was willing and active in talking with fans in English and previously participated in the 50th “Grammys Awards” as a presenter. 

Song Joong Ki’s speech at the 50th “Emmys Awards” with improved English speaking skills 

On the stage of the award show, the actor delivered a smooth speech in English. Actor Song presented the “Directorate Award” to Miky Lee and also lightened up the mood with light-hearted jokes, which received a good response from the audience.  

At the Singapore press conference, Song Joong Ki also left a good impression by answering questions in English on the spot and used simple and concise sentences to describe his character. When he accidentally spoiled the drama, he carefully covered it up without resorting to Korean. 

Song Joong Ki demonstrated such improvement at a press conference in Singapore 

While his accent is still heavily Korean, the actor is more natural and expressive in English and is incorporating more of the language in his everyday life. In several news sources, Song Joong Ki is reported to hang out at his girlfriend’s house, bring her with him on overseas schedules and prioritize her timetables. He also introduced her to members of the crew and staff. 

song joong ki viu
Song Joong Ki is a charming host and is frequently entrusted with important events 
song joong ki emmys red carpet
After the dating news, Song Joong Ki shows improvements in his English skills, which opens up new opportunities at international award events in the future (Image: Naver) 

Source: Naver, Newsen, KBS

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