Netizens are crazy about BLACKPINK Lisa’s “new” series of photos

Recently, on social networks, a set of both strange and familiar photos has been spread. These images quickly caught attention, gaining 100,000 likes, and 1,800 shares.

Obviously, this is the youngest member of BLACKPINK, but why does she look like a movie star of the 1970s? Does Lisa look exactly like her senior from the 1970s?

It turns out this is just a photoshop product of the fans. Those photos were edited by fans from the images in Lisa’s latest cosmetic ad. Lisa’s beauty is surprisingly consistent with the 1970s. From big expressive round eyes to red lips, small face to short black hair, they all go well with this classic style. This set of photos makes many fans anxious to wish that the youngest member of BLACKPINK will take pictures in this style one day.

Looking at this picture, people who do not know Lisa will think she is a true movie star of the 70s.
Lisa’s sweet and sharp beauty goes well with this classic style
Lisa looks so beautiful and charming! Seeing this picture, many fans were crazy about her perfect beauty.
Looking at these beautiful and seductive images, fans wish that the youngest BLACKPINK will take a set of photos in this style.

Sources: k14

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