Due to the absence of evidence, Seungri’s indictment for aggravated assault incitement was changed by the Military Prosecution

Due to lack of evidence, the Military Prosecution remanded Seungri’s indictment on aggravated assault incitement.

Seungri was charged with aggravated assault incitement. The military prosecution stated, during the closing argument of the last attempt, “We have no evidence so we will amend the indictment to make him a principal of the aggravated attack incitement charges

Seungri was questioned by the defendant at the Ground Operations Command’s General Military Court in Yong-in City (Gyeong-gi Province) on July 1. The following was the11 hours of questioningThe previous day.

During the trial, military prosecutors revised the charges for inciting aggravated attack (They suddenly declared the news in the middle the trial, months after the investigations had been completed.They stated, “Yoo In-seok arrived at Seungri’s house and asked him to summon someone who could exert power over others. However, a third party called in an gang and Seungri denied any connection. There is also no evidence.“, while saying,Seungri was told by Yoo In-seok about the people he called. He waited and waited for them. We believe an implicit agreement was reached. The inciting aggravated attack charges are suspected to be joint principal offenders.

Seungri’s legal representative (asked to confirm) confirmed (by asking),It is correct that it doesn’t call someone to exercise their power but Yoo In-seok has changed the person who requested it?”The military prosecutors explained that “Although it’s not an active conspiracies, Yoo In-seok heard about it and they waited together. There was an implicit agreement.”

Both sides were heard by the military judge, who approved the proceeding to amend the indictment. According to the legal representative, he would communicate his position via writing and an opinion document.

Sources: allkpop

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