Rosé’s charming appearance at Tiffany & Co’s event stunned netizens!

Netizens are overjoyed at Rosé’s new image, she not only wears a legendary necklace but also changes her hairstyle.

This morning (April 8), Harper’s Bazaar Korea magazine suddenly published a video of Tiffany & Co.’s Global Ambassador. Rosé attended the Yellow Is The New Blue event organized by the company. Not disappointing people, she appeared with a minimalist style and charming aura.

Rosé appeared with a top-notch aura like the model at Tiffany & Co’s event.
Rose Blackpink
Rosé wears a black dress with a back cut. The highlight of this appearance is the legendary diamond-gold jewelry set including necklace and earrings, set with 21- and 11-carat diamonds from Tiffany & Co.
Rose Blackpink
To match the minimalist yet elegant look of the dress, Rosé wore light nude makeup and had a low bun.
Rose Blackpink
Rose Blackpink
This new hairstyle goes well with the dress that Rosé is wearing, helping her show off her slim shoulders, collarbones and sexy bareback.

Netizens are happy because of this look of Rosé:

  • There are few Kpop idols who exude a charming yet powerful vibe like Rosé. That’s why Tiffany & Co. choose her as Ambassador.
  • Miss Roseanne Park’s lady vibe made me crazy.
  • Rosé is so pretty and chic today
  • She looks like a real model!
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