4 aespa members were once hospitalized after injuring themselves while practicing ‘Black Mamba’ choreography

Members of the aespa were injured while practicing for the perfect performance.

On October 7, aespa appeared on the MMTG show to promote the group’s new album Savage, which was released on October 7. The appearance of four girls in this presentation piqued the interest of the audience.

Aepsa’s songs usually leave a lasting impression on the public thanks to their stunning choreography, which is easily viral. When the host JaeJae mentioned aespa’s signature chorus choreography in their debut song “Black Mamba,” the girls admitted that they were incredibly exhausted from practicing and performing that movement.


Furthermore, they must move their necks a lot in order to do Black Mamba’s choreography. This is also why four girls had to be hospitalized for physical treatment after injuring their necks so badly. The acupuncture at the hospital partly helped aespa get better.


It can be seen that the four girls had to practice incredibly hard and hard in order to give the audience the most eye-catching performances. Fans did not forget to encourage aespa by leaving comments:

  • aespa’s choreography is so difficult; our girls are doing well!
  • Poor them, I hope aespa has more success.
  • Unique concept, unusual music that departs from market trends, and outstanding choreography. That’s why aespa’s new song gained such an amazing result!
  • It’s thanks to hard training that aespa can be so famous.
aespa sotheby

On October 5, aespa made their comeback with the release of their first mini-album Savage. Savage is now generating a sensation on Korean charts with excellent achievements.

Source: K14

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