Song Hye Kyo’s funny reaction to the food truck that she received from the staff who are really close to her

The way actress Song Hye Kyo replied to the funny photo displayed on the food truck that she received is drawing attention.


On August 28, Song Hye Kyo uploaded photos on her Instagram revealing a coffee truck that she had just received at the shooting of SBS’s drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” as a supportive gift. Every time she receives coffee trucks, Song Hye Kyo always takes the proof shots of them and posts the photos on her SNS to express her gratitude towards the senders.

Among the friends who have shown support to Song Hye Kyo, some of the staff who work with her and are really close to the actress made a unique photo and displayed it on the coffee truck. It was a photo that included Song Hye Kyo’s face with flowers in the background and images of them holding digital banners displaying “Song Hye Kyo”

In response to their support, Song Hye Kyo wrote an honest message: “Thanks a lot, but…^^;;ㅋㅋ”

The photo and Song Hye Kyo’s reaction are so funny that many people left comments expressing that they laughed so hard because of her honest message. This supportive yet funny photo that the staff sent to Song Hye Kyo has proved their close relationship with the actress.


Meanwhile, 2 years after her last drama in 2019, tvN’s “Boyfriend”, Song Hye Kyo is returning to the small screen with “Now We Are Breaking Up”.


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