BTS’s V attracted attention with unique “Swinter” airport fashion

BTS V’s airport fashion is drawing enthusiastic responses from netizens.

bts v
bts v

BTS members J-Hope and V returned to Incheon International Airport on December 9th after completing concerts and broadcasting schedules in LA, the U.S. On this day, numerous fans and reporters focused their attention on the members’ airport fashion, and V’s outfit drew keen responses.

V’s outfit was called “Swinter” fashion online and drew enthusiastic comments. The reason why it was called “Swinter” (Winter+Summer) fashion is that the style of its top and bottom didn’t match the season at all.

bts v
bts v
V’s “Swinter” fashion.

V appeared at the arrival hall in the airport with his face covered with sunglasses and a mask and a hat in one hand. He wore a black fur jacket over his outerwear to prepare for the cold winter weather in Korea. However, in the opposite of his warm top,  V appeared wearing short pants so his knees were exposed, which is overwhelming to netizens’ eyes.

V showed his unbalanced fashion style by wearing a luxurious fur jacket on top of shorts, to which netizens responded pleasantly, leaving comments such as “It’s a work-from-home look” and “That’s a zoom-class outfit.”

Online community theqoo’s comment section

In the comments section of the online community theqoo, various reactions such as  “He’s a free soul.” “Work-from-home look.” “Swinter?” “Aren’t his legs cold? LOL”, “Zoom-class outfit LOL”, “Amazing fashion”, “Really cool outfit”, “His upper and lower body are in different seasons, there was no balance between them” and “Only his upper body entered the country first” were made, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, BTS appeared on the 1,000th anniversary episode of the popular CBS talk show “The Late Late Show With James Corden” on December 8th (local time). The members performed their mega-hit song “Butter” and had an exciting performance.

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