Han Ga-in’s beauty is still on another level despite being in her 40s, the original “nation’s heart robber”

Actor Han Ga-in (39) showed off her goddess-like beauty.

On the afternoon of Dec 9th, makeup artist Gil Kyung-ah released a behind-the-scenes cut of Ga-in‘s advertisement filming site on Instagram, drawing fans’ attention. In 2018, Han Ga-in returned to her career with the drama “Mistress” for the first time in six years, but since then, she has been focusing on parenting again.

In the photo, Han Ga-in showed off her beautiful visuals as well as revealing her deeply carved collarbone. As Korea’s representative beauty, she still drew admiration for her well-reserved beauty despite the long hiatus

han ga in

In another photo, she wore a black turtleneck and showed off her innocent beauty with long hair hanging down. On top of that, she showed a refreshing smile, making fans even more excited.

Meanwhile, Han Ga-in got married to actor Yeon Jeong-hoon, who is 4 years older, in 2005, and has had one son and one daughter.

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