Netizens theorize that Our Beloved Summer could have an unhappy ending based on these clues

After only 2 episodes, some viewers are already anxious about Our Beloved Summer’s ending.

SBS’s latest drama, Our Beloved Summer, starring Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Sik has garnered much attention on social media, especially from international fans after its premiere. Although it is a youth rom-com with a refreshing theme and bright color grading, there have been theories suggesting that Our Beloved Summer could have a sad ending. 

Our Beloved Summer

Specifically, although the two main posters of Our Beloved Summer give off positive energy with pastel colors, some viewers are worried it might face the “poster curse”. Recently, it has come to the audience’s notice that K-dramas with posters in which characters don’t look at each other often end with character deaths. The clearest proof for this “curse” is the hit Penthouse, which ends with the majority of its main characters dying, regardless of the protagonists or antagonists. 

Will the poster curse…
Our Beloved Summer
apply to this bright-colored drama?
Our Beloved Summer
The two leads don’t interact with each other in another poster 

In addition, many people also discovered the coincidence between Our Beloved Summer and On Your Wedding Day, a Park Bo Young‘s drama about love of school girl and boy. Both are regretful feelings in the past between a couple of good and bad students. The audience even discovered a scene in Our Beloved Summer that looks like in On Your Wedding Day, when the female lead saw the male lead being punished to kneel at school. The essential point is that at the end of The Most Beautiful Day, the main couple is not together, the male lead stares at the person he loves, who is walking down the aisle with another guy. At the moment, the main couple of Our Beloved Summer has also broken up; will their re-encounter cause them to reconnect, or will they suffer the same fate as the couple of On Your Wedding Day?

Our Beloved Summer  on your wedding day
Similar scenes make the audience nervous
our beloved summer
Our Beloved Summer airs every Monday and Tuesday on SBS.
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