“Sanctuaries” of female K-pop idols: Lisa is Thailand’s treasure, Jennie explodes with beauty in Paris 

Some countries have such close connections to female idols that they are welcomed by a whole nation. 

Sakura (LE SSERAFIM) is a famous female idol who gained popularity early on in Japan. She was a member of the group HKT48 and concurrently AKB48. Thanks to her attractive appearance, Sakura was favored by her company and was granted opportunities to work in many fields such as theater and film acting, streaming and appearing on variety shows.

miyawaki sakura thumbnail
Sakura was famous in Japan before her debut in Korea. (Image: Pinterest)

Famous before entering the K-pop scene, Sakura has a huge fan base in Japan. After 2 debuts in Japan and Korea, the female idol has built up a reputation and is actively supported by her fans. 

Le Sserafim sakura antifragile
The female idol is loved and enthusiastically welcomed by the Japanese audience. (Image: HYBE Labels)

For Jennie (BLACKPINK), her career has always been on the rise. As the idol becomes more involved in fashion, she is ever more connected to Paris, becoming the focus of attention with unique and impressive outfits at well-known prestigious events. Moreover, the idol is more comfortable expressing herself and wearing bold outfits.

Jennie outfits in America
Jennie is always stunning when she comes to her “mecca”, Paris. (Image: Pinterest)
Jennie BLACKPINK Paris Fashion Week 2022
Her fashion style is well-loved and highly acclaimed in France. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)
She is loved by the audience here. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

Lisa (BLACKPINK) is often considered the pride of Thailand, seen in every occasion of her warm homecoming. When that happens, every corner of Thailand hangs up pictures of the female idol. For Thai audiences, she is a “treasure.” 

Lisa in Thailand
Lisa receives high favor in her hometown. (Image: Pinterest)
Lisa BLACKPINK in Thailand
Thai people welcome the main dancer at the airport. (Image: Pinterest)
lisa blackpink thumbnail
Lisa’s visit to Thailand gains particular attention from the public. (Image: Instagram @lalalalisa_m)

In Korea, Wonyoung (IVE) is often loved by the public for her princess-like beauty and a slim body. Her gorgeousness left the audience breathless. Despite her many controversies, Wonyoung is often sought-after by Korean brands. 

ive wonyoung
Wonyoung has a strong hold on the Korean public. (Image: Pinterest) 
ive wonyoung paris fashion week
The female idol is greatly favored by the Korean public. (Image: OSEN)

As one of the few Vietnamese-born female idols to make it big in Korea, Hanni (NewJeans) attracted a lot of attention from the audience. Many people believe that if she has the opportunity to return to Vietnam, Hannie will also be welcomed by the public and generate a sensation. 

Hani is a female idol of Vietnamese origin that is gaining vast popularity in K-pop. (Image: iMBC)
If she returns to Vietnam, Hanni will also receive great treatment. (Image: Kpopping)

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