The press conference of Anna: The contrasting beauty of national first love Suzy and Jung Eun Chae, the beauty of “The Eternal Monarch”

Suzy, Kim Jung Han, Jung Eun Chae and Park Ye Young attended the press conference of their latest drama, “Anna”, attracting great attention from the public.

On June 21, the press conference of Anna took place in Seoul. The press conference became the focus of attention thanks to the participation of Anna’s main cast, including Suzy, Kim Jun Han, Jung Eun Chae and Park Ye Young.

Appearing at the event, Suzy, the national first love, impressed the audience and reporters with her fairy-like beauty and elegant and gentle demeanor. As expected of the top beauty icon Kbiz, Suzy’s zoomed-in photos quickly caught the attention of netizens with its flawlessness. The shining beauty of the female idol-actress was said to overshadow the appearance of her acting partner, actress Jung Eun Chae. The actress appeared elegantly in a black suit but her makeup was said to be too pale.

The press conference of Anna
Right from the moment she entered the press conference, Suzy immediately impressed the audiences and reporters with her beautiful appearance, and top-notch charisma, exuding a gentle and elegant beauty 
Suzy still retains her pure beauty and elegant aura, as expected of the leading beauty goddess in the Korean entertainment industry
Suzy’s beautiful, fairy-like appearance.  
In particular, the close-up zoomed image further highlights her extreme beauty, especially her flawless skin.
Jung Eun Chae
Unlike her colleague, Jung Eun Chae adorned a cool image with a full black suit
Jung Eun Chae
The outfit perfectly highlight the actress’s 170cm height and long legs
Jung Eun Chae
However, her makeup showed clear blackeyes and her hairstyle was ill-fitted
park ye young
Park Ye Young drew attention for her youthful look despite having hit 33 years old.
park ye young
Her cute expression also added to her youthfulness
kim yo han
“Hospital Playlist” star Kim Jun Han looked like a true gentlemen in his vest suit
kim yo han
The actor exuded a masculine vibe
The major cast of “Anna”

Source: K14

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