The ending of “Woori the Virgin”: Im Soo-hyang and Shin Dong-wook get married, Sung Hoon remains as a father with one child

The man that Im Soo-hyang chose in “Woori the Virgin” was Shin Dong-wook, not Sung Hoon.

The last episode of SBS’s drama “Woori the Virgin”, which aired on June 21st, showed the marriage of Woo-ri (Lim Soo-hyang) and Kang-jae (Shin Dong-wook).

Woori the Virgin

Woo-ri’s family together with Raphael (Sung Hoon) and Kang-jae gathered together to hold the 100th-day party for Woo-ri’s daughter Ri-woo. They made a video letter for Ri-woo and spent time taking family photos.

In the end, Woo-ri’s choice is Kang-jae, not Raphael. In this episode, Woo-ri expressed her feelings for Kang-jae, saying “If I was not pregnant, we would have married after your proposal, right? If it were to be like that, I wouldn’t have any chance to realize how precious you are to me. Now I can understand what kind of person you are. You are the person who always stays by my side and protects me silently. I think I can do anything when I’m with you.

Woo-ri then took out a ring and proposed to Kang-jae, “Will you marry me, my warm spring?”, to which Kang-jae responded with a romantic kiss.

Woori the Virgin

A wedding between Woo-ri and Kang-jae took place. With Raphael as the host, Woo-ri and Kang-jae became husband and wife in the blessings of the guests. Looking at Woo-ri in a wedding dress, Raphael said bitterly that she looked pretty and was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. 

Meanwhile, Woo-ri and Kang-jae had their historic first night together after the wedding, but they suddenly received a phone call from Raphael. Ri-woo had to be hospitalized due to health problems. Kang-jae told Raphael, who felt sorry for ruining Kang-jae’s first night with Woo-ri, “You did the right thing contacting me.”

Woori the Virgin

After confirming that Ri-woo was safe, the first night was resumed. Woo-ri, who was a virgin her whole life, felt happy after having her first time with Kang-jae. The drama wrapped up on a happy note with the steamy first night of Woo-ri and Kang-jae.  

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