The appearance of a rising actress may threaten Song Hye Kyo’s career

The appearance of this star actress causes worries over Song Hye Kyo’s position within her company.

UAA Entertainment has always been known for its prestige within the Korean acting industry, boasting an impressive range of artists, including Song Hye Kyo and the critically acclaimed Yoo Ah In

Recently though, there have been rumors that actress Kim Da Mi will also become a part of UAA, drawing strong attention. 

kim da mi
Kim Da Mi may join Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In’s agency

While most people feel confident that entering UAA wifurther boost Kim Da Mi’s career, many netizens started to worry over Song Hye Kyo’s position. According to these people, having two prominent actresses within the same company may cause conflicts of interests and splitted resources. 

In addition, they mentioned that Song Hye Kyo’s popularity may be in a decline, especially after the disappointing performance of her 2021 K-drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up”.

Song Hye Kyo Kang Dong Won
Song Hye Kyo’s position within UAA may be threatened if Kim Da Mi joins

Meanwhile, Kim Da Mi is a rising actress, and UAA may end up paying more attention to her, neglecting Song Hye Kyo in the process, netizens said. 

Kim Da Mi

Born in 1995, Kim Da Mi made a late debut in 2017, and ever since, only starred in some selective projects. However, all of Da Mi’s works receive excellent reviews from the public and critics alike, and the actress has achieved notable successes on both the big and small screen. Compared to other actresses of the same generation, Kim Da Mi’s career progresses at an astounding pace, with various prominent projects coming her way. 

kim da mi

In 2020, Kim Da Mi was crowned the “Best New Actress” for TV Drama at the Baeksang Arts Awards, and her latest work, “Our Beloved Summer”, is also highly regarded.

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