While BTS fans are fighting fiercely with SM fans about the concert view record, Knet wants to see the YG family concert.

During the epidemic, online concerts have developed and netizens want to see great family concerts from big companies, including YG.

Over the past few days, Kpop fans have been extremely happy with great music parties through online concert series.  If Big Hit Labels held a concert New Year’s Eve Live on December 31st, then SM started the year 2021 with SMTOWN LIVE Culture Humanity (a completely free online concert).  After the big family concert, SM announced that it has collected 35.83 million streams from 186 countries.  The above number is synthesized from 5 platforms, so the free concert organized by SM becomes the Korean online concert with the most viewers.

But the BTS fan community unexpectedly rejected the record that SM gave.  Specifically, BTS fans pointed out that the online concert titled BANG BANG CON of 7 Big Hit boys received 50.59 million views, while the stream of SMTOWN LIVE Culture Humanity had only 35.83 million views.  ARMY believes that SM is accidentally ignoring BTS’s record.  SM fans also did not give up with their arguments: BTS’s concert was just a replay, it lasted 23 hours, divided into 2 broadcast days.

BTS fans

The controversy between BTS fans and SM fans does not seem to come to an end when everyone has their arguments.  However, Knetizen, after watching Big Hit and SM’s big family concert, now yearns to see a similar concert from YG.  YG artists always have their unique qualities in music as well as style of performance.  Therefore, the big family concert is the occasion that YG fans wish to be able to enjoy a great party and witness many interesting combinations and interactions.

BTS fans

A netizen expressed his desire to see the concert from YG Family, even affirmed: “I will watch it even if it costs 200,000 won”.  This topic has attracted many comments from Korean netizens:

– Without even your bias, I think the concert will be fun because there will be a lot of songs that you know.

 – The stages will be fun.  I hope YG will hold a family concert when the situation gets better.

– If it was the YG family’s concert, it would be like a year-end awards ceremony.

 – I’m a YG fan, I love from BIGBANG to TREASURE.  If they hold a big family concert, I will faint.  I think it will be the best day of my life!

 – Unfortunately, we can’t see 2NE1 anymore.

Sources: kenh14

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