Omega X’s first public post since the resignation of their “verbal abuse and assault” CEO

Members of Omega X expressed their feelings after the resignation of their agency’s CEO.

On Nov 9th, Omega X uploaded a post on Instagram, starting with “Are you doing well, For X?”


They continued, “We want to talk to you every day as we used to, but we are sorry we couldn’t. We miss those times so much. It may take a while, but Omega X will protect For X and Omega X with determination.”

omega x

They also added that they would not step back, saying, “No matter what happens, we will try to stand on stage again in a good environment. We really want to meet you guys again with a smile, our fans who trust and support us until the end.” The group expressed their affection for their fans by saying, “I love you, For X babies.”

omega x

Earlier, A, the CEO of Omega X’s agency, was embroiled in allegations that she assaulted and verbally abused the Omega X members.

omega x

The agency explained through its official position that they had “resolved the misunderstanding,” but the controversy did not easily subside, and A eventually resigned from the CEO position.

Source: dispatch

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