The CEO of Omega X controversy voluntarily resigned, the agency released a “Sincere apology”

The CEO of Spire Entertainment, who was embroiled in rumors of discord with the members of Omega X, voluntarily resigned.

At the end of last month, rumors of discord arose as fans claimed that Omega X had been verbally abused and assaulted by the CEO of their agency, Spire Entertainment. In this regard, the agency denied the controversy and explained, “The CEO has solved all misunderstandings through conversations with the members.” However, Omega X members opened a new SNS on Nov 6th and admitted to the damage they have received, saying, “We were treated unfairly by our agency.”

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On Nov 7th, a day after Omega X members spoke up, the agency announced the mentioned CEO’s voluntary resignation. The agency apologized to the members, their families, and fans through the official Omega X fan cafe, saying, “We deeply apologize to all OMEGA X members, families, fans, and everyone whose feelings were hurt by an unfortunate event that has happened recently.”

It announced, “The CEO who is responsible for this matter has resigned. We will take in all your advices and comments to do our best to prevent this kind of things from happening again and focus on providing a better environment for the members so that they can focus only on the artists’ activities.”

Below is the full announcement from Spire Entertainment:

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Source: Daum

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