A former idol singer openly criticized the CEO of boy group OMEGA X in the recent assault and verbal abuse controversy 

OMEGA X Jaehan’s old teammate criticized Spire Entertainment CEO, who was recently embroiled in controversies over her assaulting and verbally abusing OMEGA X members.

On October 25th, Donggyu, who used to work with OMEGA X Jaehan as a member of the boy group SPECTRUM for 2 years, made several posts on his Instagram Story criticizing the CEO of Spire Entertainment.

SPECTRUM’s member Kim Dongyoon (20 years old) has passed away unexpectedly.

Donggyu uploaded screenshots of Spire Entertainment CEO’s interviews with the media and angrily said, “You’re definitely an anti, right? I won’t write down any swear words here since I already swore a lot in my voice. How dare you touch my brother? How dare a person like you do that to him?”.

Donggyu then screenshotted and shared the article about OMEGA X buying flight tickets with their own money to return to Korea. He continued to rage, saying “The result of ‘misunderstandings solved and agreement peacefully settled’ = local police dispatched + returning to Korea with their own money”, adding “You’re just trying to cover the heaven with your palm”.

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Regarding the eyewitness story about the CEO in the interview he shared, Donggyu explained, “The person who posted the eyewitness account on SNS must hate that company a lot”.

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Earlier, controversies erupted when witnesses, videos, and transcripts claiming OMEGA X members having been assaulted and verbally abused by the CEO of their agency Spire Entertainment CEO were revealed.

In the transcripts, the CEO shouted at Jaehan, who collapsed in panic, and Taedong, a member who tried to help Jaehan get up, with abusive words, such as “Get up”, “You’re acting again”, “Did you take care of me when I was having a hard time?”. When Taedong responded “He (Jaehan) is about to faint”, the CEO shouted, “I’ve already collapsed”, then pulled Jaehan’s collar and knocked him down on the floor.

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Regarding the allegations, the CEO told to SBS Entertainment News, “I’ve never shouted at the member or assaulted them”, adding “I and Jaehan sat down in front of the hotel elevator. I was really upset at that time, so I said things like, ‘Have you ever protected me? Did you protect me when I was having a hard time like this?’”.

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OMEGA X was scheduled to depart from LA Airport on the 23rd after finishing their recent overseas tour. However, it was reported that their CEO unilaterally cancel all the members’ ticket reservations and they had to buy tickets for a flight back to Korea with their own money.

Source: wikitree

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