OMEGA X had to pay for the flight back to Korea with their own money… “L.A local police were dispatched to the scene twice”

Boy group OMEGA X was left behind in the U.S by their company and had to pay their way back home.

According to SBS News, OMEGA X, who recently concluded their concert tour in the US, was supposed to depart for Korea on October 23rd. However, on the morning of the same day, a company representative canceled all of the group’s plane tickets and left them stranded in a foreign nation. 

omega x

Some members ended up having to ask their parents for help to get home, evening paying for their own flights.

In addition, right after the cancellation of their flight, CEO Kang of OMEGA X’s agency was making a fuss at the hotel hall where the group were staying, and securities were called. The local police even showed up 2 times due to the CEO’s harsh behavior.

omega x

Previously, CEO Kang was revealed to have physically and verbally abused OMEGA X. The company denied all allegations, but video footage and audio footage provided by SBS and passers-by proved otherwise. 

Source: SBSnews

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