Shin Se-kyung updated on her recent status while filming Arthdal Chronicles 2

Actor Shin Se-kyung published new photos taken at the “Arthdal Chronicles Season 2” set. 

On the 7th, Shin Se-kyung received a coffee truck and thus she shared it by updating new photos on SNS. 

Shin Se-kyung coffee truck

On the coffee truck, you can see the words “Hot coffee delivered to you. Enjoy your meal and fight for the shoot“. In another photo, the phrase “I support Sekyung Gondyu and ‘Arthdal Chronicles Season 2” was also captured.

Shin Se-kyung also showed her gratitude by making a heart-sign. The actress also said, “Thank you. I ate well.”

Shin Se-kyung coffee truck

Meanwhile, “Arthdal Chronicles,” which aired in 2019, was greatly loved for portraying the fateful stories of heroes writing different legends in the ancient land “Arth.” Shin Se-kyung is known to have recently been selected as the female lead of “Arthdal Chronicles Season 2”.

Source: nate

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