“Thank you for being brave” Eugene released proof shots with Progeria patient Hong Won-ki

Actress Eugene shared proof shots taken with Hong Won-ki’s family.

On Nov 7th, Eugene posted a number of photos that she took while filming an entertainment program on her Instagram.

Eugene Hong Won Ki fam

She wrote, “A meeting between a hot YouTuber and a subscriber. I met Won-ki, whom I’ve been cheering for for a long time. I’m very grateful to Won-ki and his family for courageously appearing. I believe that many people will be inspired and healed through this family.”

She added, “Continue as you’ve done so far. Yonni and Chiae fighting.”

The photos showed Hong Won-ki, who is suffering from Progeria, and his family.

Hong Won-ki thumbnail

Hong Won-ki, who is 17 years old this year, is a YouTuber who runs the YouTube channel “Yonni and Chiae” with his younger sister Hong Soo-hye. He is known as a patient with Progeria, a birth defect.

Hong Won-ki and his family will appear as guests on MBN’s “Hi Bye”, which is scheduled to air for the first time today (Nov 7th).

The program plans to remind viewers of the meaning of “annyeong (Hi/Bye)” through Hi Bye Box.

Source: dispatch

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