Karina (aespa) entered the top trending thanks to her aura like a heroine

Karina continues to become a hot topic on Theqoo thanks to her surreal beautiful face and body proportions.

On June 25, aespa performed in the program “Music Bank first half special”.  SM’s rookie performed under a hero theme and immediately became a hot topic on social networks.  In which, member Karina continues to prove her great attraction when entering the top trending on Theqoo with the topic reaching more than 60,000 readers and more than 400 comments.

Aespa chose tight black outfits like warriors. Karina made an impression right from the grand opening scene, the power often seen in superhero movies.  Netizens think that the beautiful female idol is more like a product from computer software than a real person.

Netizens commented: “It’s so magical”, “She look like an Avatar character”, “From her face to her body, she’s so beautiful”, “Her image looks like Catwoman”, “Talking about the 4th generation, Karina is the most prominent idol”…

Aespa and Karina are extremely hot topics of Kpop these days.  The group’s song “Next Level” topped Melon 24’s chart after surpassing BTS.  Meanwhile, Karina alone surpassed BLACKPINK Jennie to top the monthly brand rankings for female idols. 

Source: ione

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