“G-Dragon and I hold hands while walking at night” Joo Hyun Young once wrote an article about her own dating rumors

Joo Hyun Young revealed her fan’s love for BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. 

Joo Hyun Young mentioned BIGBANG’s G-Dragon in an interview with the November issue of AtStyle magazine, which was released on November 7th.

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Joo Hyun Young confessed that when she was in school, she wrote an article about her made up dating rumors with G-Dragon. 

She said, “I put half of my selfie and half of G-Dragon’s photo together and added the date to it to make it look exactly like a real article. The title of the article was something like ‘Actress Joo Hyun Young, holding hands while walking at night with G-Dragon’.

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In the interview, Joo Hyun Young also revealed the burden of taking a lead role in her next drama, tvN’s “Behind Every Star”. She said that on days when she couldn’t act, she thought of Park Eun Bin, whom she met and became close to through “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. 


She said, “Compared to my previous work, my scenes have increased a lot. Whenever I didn’t know what to do, I thought of (Park) Eun Bin, asking myself what she would do at a time like this.

Regarding working with actor Lee Seo Jin, Joo Hyun Young said, expressing her gratitude, “At first, I was afraid because he is such a senior, but in reality, he is so kind that I have relied on him a lot. He is like a reliable uncle to me.

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