Overcoming controversies and dating rumors, G-Dragon heralds an active year with comebacks and activities

Expectations are high on hard-working appearance and activities of G-Dragon in 2023.

When Big Bang was at peak time, each of their songs was a hit. Along with the spread of the Korean Wave, they contributed significantly to raising the status of K-pop.

G-Dragon was the center of Big Bang. Most of Big Bang’s representative songs, units, and solo tracks were made by G-Dragon. He created not only music but also “GD Style”. He’s skinny and not tall but he always led the trend with his excellent fashion sense. Therefore, G-Dragon solidified his position in showbiz as a producer, an entertainer, and a fashionista.

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However, the value of Big Bang’s name was damaged due to the members’ scandals. G-Dragon was also under fire for numerous controversies, such as smoking marijuana, getting preferential military service, neglecting pet dogs, etc. However, he later appeared on entertainment shows, such as “Infinite Challenge”, and successfully whitewashed his image. Apart from that, he has a solid fandom.

As the new generations have replaced the old ones and young idols with different charms also emerged as big stars, G-Dragon’s position has gradually decreased. Ironically, his robustness was proved through dating rumors.

G-Dragon made hot topics every time he was involved in romance rumors. The male singer was caught up in suspicions of romantic relationships several times although he never admitted them. From Japanese models to top girl group members and most recently the granddaughter of a chaebol family, every woman who appeared together with G-Dragon or was mentioned by him became his rumored girlfriend regardless of age and nationality.


G-Dragon was recently rumored to be dating Moon, the granddaughter of Shinsegae Group’s Chairman Lee Myung Hee. Moon went to watch the concert of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” dancers and shared a proof shot on her SNS. The photo shows the hands of two people holding lightsticks. Netizens pointed out that the smiling face tattoo on the man’s hand belongs to G-Dragon. Immediately after then, various media outlets, starting with a Chinese entertainment site, raised rumors of a romantic relationship between Moon and G-Dragon.

Moon was born in 2002 and is 14 years younger than G-Dragon, who was born in 1988. Romance rumors spread greatly because G-Dragon stayed silent. In the end, Shinsegae released a statement and corrected the wrong information, emphasizing that the two are not dating.


Last year, G-Dragon also made headlines when rumors of him dating IVE Jang Won Young broke out. Even though Jang Won Young is still a minor, the two were caught up in a dating suspicion after wearing similar styles at the Paris Miu Miu fashion show. In addition, G-Dragon also posted a photo of the gift he received from Miu Miu and added Jang Won Young’s sticker. However, rumors ended when Miu Miu explained that Jang Won Young’s outfits were products from a collection that had not been revealed yet.

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Previously, G-Dragon was also called out in dating rumors with various female stars, including Japanese model actresses Kiko Mizuhara, Nana Komatsu, and actress Lee Ju Yeon, who was a member of After Shool. Even when evidence of private life moments and Lovestagram were discovered, G-Dragon never admitted to any relationship.

At the time his romance rumor with BLACKPINK Jennie became a hot topic, BLACKPINK fans raged at G-Dragon, calling him an “old man” and showing their disapproval of the romantic relationship by trending “free Jennie”. Last year, the two were rumored to have been broken up after private photos of Jennie and BTS V got leaked. G-Dragon once again stayed silent on all the noisy issues surrounding him.

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G-Dragon has lived as an “issue maker” for a while. As he never speaks up, his whereabouts are often reported on shows, advertisements, through acquaintances, or the Instagram accounts of BJs instead. G-Dragon’s 2022 was quite controversial, however, he is still an idol and singer to many people. 

While many netizens think he has lost interest in entertainment activities, G-Dragon promises to work hard in 2023. He recently showed up and announced his plan himself, saying “I’m preparing for an album”, adding that he will stand in front of fans with various activities. It’s time for G-Dragon to prove that he’s not an “old man” and is still a top celebrity with his music talents.

Source: Daum

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