No fancy makeup or luxury clothes, this K-drama actress shines in office attire 

A K-drama actress is drawing attention for her jaw-dropping beauty in office clothes and outstanding acting skills.

Amid various year-end blockbusters, the newly-released K-drama “”The Interest of Love“” brings a different vibe, with a simple and rustic tone wrapped up with healing stories. Revolving around the daily lives of office workers, “”The Interest of Love”” is compared to “My Liberation Notes”, for their message as well as female lead. 

The Interest of Love

In “The Interest of Love”, female lead Soo Young (Moon Ga Young) firmly believes that love won’t last forever, and thus is never positive whenever she starts a new relationship. Over time, she has been disappointed by too many people, and while she holds herself against the harsh reality, it’s a struggle to continue and keep up. That’s why, when male lead Ha Sang Soo (Yoo Yeon Seok) appeared, her life went through a lot of upheavals. 

The Interest of Love
Soo Young is a little bit brighter than Mi Jeong from “My Liberation Notes”

As can be seen, there are a lot of similarities between Soo Young of “The Interest of Love” and Mi Jeong of “My Liberation Notes”, albeit the former is a little brighter, desperate but not to the point of feeling left out from the rest of the world. 

My Liberation Notes
Mi Jeong rarely smiles, and even have to find excuse for those smiles 

Playing Soo Young is none other than actress Moon Ga Young, who once again won the heart of viewers with her stunning, ethereal, and yet lively beauty. However, compared to previous images, the Moon Ga Young of “The Interest of Love” feels more “touchable” and “rustic”, dressed in casual office outfits. She also opts for pleasant hues like white and green in this work, and coupled with a natural makeup look, the actress has transformed into a realistic, yet still gorgeous everyday worker. 

The Interest of Love

At the same time, Moon Ga Young continues to prove she is a capable actress with her pleasant portrayal. Even the smallest expression is perfectly captured by Moon Ga Young, and her soft smiles and soulful eyes speak way louder than words. At times, the actress transforms so seamlessly into her character, that it doesn’t even feel like an acting performance.

The Interest of Love

It is no exaggeration to say that Moon Ga Young is an artist that’s top-notch in both beauty and talent. 

Source: k14

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