An 18-year-old girl appeared on MTV’s report for spending $50,000 during her 7 years of being a BTS fan

This girl has been a BTS fan since she was 11 years old and has spent a huge amount of money to support 7 Big Hit boys.

ARMY – BTS fandom, is one of the largest Kpop fan communities today. This is a fandom that is not only passionate on social networks but also very willing to spend for 7 boys. Most recently, in the first broadcast of MTV’s Lifestyles Of The Biggest Standoms series, an interesting story about an 18-year-old ARMY was shared.

This fangirl is of Vietnamese origin, whose name is Pham Thuy. The girl is 18 years old and currently lives in California. Becoming a BTS fan since 2014, at the age of only 11, Thuy had 7 years supporting 7 Big Hit boys. 

bts fan

According to this fangirl’s share, she has a habit of listening to BTS music 5 hours a day and spends a lot of money on the group. She revealed that the amount of money spent on BTS is at least 50,000 USD. Of which, 30,000 USD is used to buy albums, lightsticks, and other goods. Meanwhile, the remaining 20,000 USD is to buy concert tickets, merchandise, and “cheap moment” items.

bts fan
The dream corner of all BTS fangirls
bts fan
The room is decorated with images of BTS
bts fan
bts fan
bts fan
Thuy shows off her “cheap moment” clothing collection.
bts fan
And sneakers
bts fan
Of course, her impressive concert tickets collection

After the video was officially posted, Thuy also left a comment to explain more about the amount of money she spends on BTS and her love for idols.

bts fan

Many netizens expressed interest in Thuy’s story:

  • Real-life example of the saying that happiness can be bought with money.
  • This is the LEAST ARMYs could do for BTS. People on the outside don’t understand the impact BTS has had on our lives. I only became an ARMY recently and I just entered college but I honestly don’t know how I would have survived had I not known BTS. They are genuinely the kindest humans and there literally isn’t a way to list down every single good thing they’ve done. They deserve everything and more 
  • Meanwhile, a broke ARMY like me be just crying in the corner. 
  • Omg her room. It’s nice to see an army that’s being their fan for so long. 
  • Thuy’s BTS room is so well organized and displayed!! It’s perfect!
  • Omg BTS stan queen. I want to be her friend. My goal/dream is to have a room just like her room as possible as I can. I also want to have my own BTS boom and go to BTS concert with my friends 
  • Ahh Thuy!! So great to see her own interview omg she is stunning! I’m sp happy for her she is truly an amazing ARMY!

Source: K14

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