Song Hye-kyo’s ‘Blue Dragon’ Daesang Interview, “I Got Sick Of My Own Acting At Some Point”

Actress Song Hye-kyo recently had an interview after winning Daesang at the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards

Song Hye-kyo was awarded with Daesang at the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards with Netlfix’s original series “The Glory”. She played the female lead Moon Dong-eun in the drama, which tells about a woman whose soul was broken due to school violence during her childhood, carefully preparing revenge and the perpetrators who fall into the whirlwind of her revenge plan. Both Part 1 and Part 2 created crazes that captivated viewers around the world.

song hye kyo

Regarding her Daesang, Song Hye-kyo shared, “I don’t think I’ll be able to stand in a place like this in the future”. She continued, “It knew that it was not easy to win the Daesang since there were many great actors and works. Suddenly receiving such a big award after a long time, I wondered if I would have such an honor again. Therefore, I think I should enjoy this moment even more”.

Song Hye-kyo’s Daesang acceptance speech also touched many people. It is because the actress, known as a person who was very harsh on herself, decided to dedicate the compliment, “You did well, Hye-kyo ah”, to herself at the award-winning moment. Recalling that time, she said, “I was really surprised when they called my name. When I took the stage and mentioned the people I was grateful for, that position itself and the award seemed to have become a great comfort to me and my work.”

Song Hye-kyo

Song Hye-kyo confessed, “I’m quite harsh on myself when it comes to acting. Even if I receive compliments when the work succeeds, I would always look at the shortcomings first”, adding “As I get older, I’m also focusing on self-management, so I would appreciate it if you can be easy on my appearance. That day, I received such a big award in front of so many great actors, I thought I could just praise myself a little”.

Revealing that “The Glory” was a big challenge for her, Song Hye-kyo said, “It was the first time I tried the genre that I had desired to do long before. I had high expectations for the script and felt worried about my acting when the filming started. I was able to solve all my doubts and concerns because I met such a good team”.

Showing up at the interview with a no-makeup face, Song Hye-kyo surprised many people with her raw visual. In response to such a “priceless and gift-like” compliment, the actress shared, “From the beginning of my preparing for ‘The Glory’, I had always focused on the character’s personality. I wanted to express the rough feeling of Dong-eun as much as possible”. She also picked “Song Hye-kyo is ‘The Glory’” as the best review she had ever read.

Lastly, Song Hye-kyo also revealed her desire to take more challenges, saying “I always love acting although it’s difficult and tiring. At some point, I even got sick of my own acting because I didn’t do many different works. I felt like I looked the same in many works and I thought the viewers would also feel the same. After changing my facial expressions and dialogue tone changed in ‘The Glory’, I also found my acting more interesting. That’s why I expect myself to try different genres in the future”.

Source: Daum

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