aespa’s Karina Stuns with School Uniform Look: Netizens React to Her Visuals During Student Days 

aespa Karina goes viral for stunning visuals during her school days.  

On June 1st, Karina appeared at JTBC studio for the recording of JTBC’s ‘Knowing Brothers’. Karina was dressed in a school uniform, and had her hair tied halfway up with a large black ribbon and flaunted doll-like visuals.

While effortlessly pulling off the school uniform look, Karina’s past school days are also becoming a hot topic among Korean netizens.


Karina, known as a “natural beauty,” already had perfect facial features since her student days. 

When she was in highschool, Karina mainly kept her long black hair as it is and radiated a pure yet haughty charm. 

Even back then, Karina’s small face size and well-defined V-line jawline stood out. Especially with her tall nose and flawless forehead line, Karina displayed a perfect side profile.


Netizens left comments, “She must have received so many confessions during her school days,” “Male students must have gone crazy because of Karina.

Meanwhile, aespa is scheduled to attend the ‘Waterbomb Seoul 2023’ event on June 25th. 

Source: Insight

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