Han Hyo Joo flaunts ‘mermaid-like’ body figure in the Philippine sea, first free-diving challenge succeeded

Actress Han Hyo Joo took on the challenge of free diving in the Philippines.

On June 2nd, the official Youtube channel of BH Entertainment uploaded a video titled “Han Hyo Joo did free diving”. Turning on her camera, Han Hyo Joo said, “This is a place where you do free diving. This is my first class”.

The actress revealed that her personal best in static (holding her breath underwater) was 2 minutes and 32 seconds.

Later, Han Hyo Joo left for the Philippines to enjoy free diving with actress Jung Un Seon and her staff. She shouted with joy and danced, saying “It’s been a long time since my last vacation”.


Han Hyo Joo then performed impressive free-diving skills in the sea with emerald light. Confessing that it was her first time doing free-diving in the sea, the actress amazed everyone when she showed off her excellent skills. She also found a shipwreck and leisurely swam around the coral reefs.

On the last day of the trip, Han Hyo Joo once again ate cup noodles at the airport. She commented, “I really don’t wanna leave. I don’t want to return to Korea. I want to stay here longer. 4 days and 3 nights is too short.”


She said, “Fatigue beat the excitement, but happiness beat the fatigue”, then made a promise for her next trip.

Source: Nate

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