What if a female idol from a small company is suddenly under the ‘magical hands’ of SM Entertainment?

In the latest teaser of ‘Wow Thing’, KPOP fans have recognized the transformation of SinB (G-Friend) as SM’s ‘temporary muse’.

Recently, SM Entertainment has released a teaser for the song ‘Wow Thing’ in ‘STATION x 0’ project. ‘Wow Thing’ is a product of the new girl group consisting of 4 members: Seulgi (Red Velvet), Kim Chungha, SinB (G-Friend) and Soyeon (G)I-DLE.

In the new teaser, KPOP fans feel very excited about this new lineup. Although from 4 different companies, these 4 members still look perfect together. In particular, netizens have recognized the biggest difference lies in SinB, G-Friend’s main dancer. It is because G-Friend’s concept is innocent – strong and so is SinB’s previous image.

 SinB’s transformation when joining SM’s girl group

However, when joining SM’s combined girl group, SinB has the opportunity to show another side of herself – a real girl-crush. The ‘magical hands’ of SM’s stylists have transformed SinB with attractive outfits and a sharper makeup style compared to her image in G-Friend. Netizens have commented that this has so far been the most suitable concept for SinB since her debut.

In addition, the new image of the 3 other members – Soyeon, Seulgi, Chungha has also held netizens in awe. This is the ‘dream girl group’ that SM has invested a lot of effort into.

Let’s wait for ‘Wow Thing’ marking the debut of these 4 talented girls on this upcoming Sep 28th!

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