This top actress used to play the young version of Song Hye-kyo despite being only one year younger

The actress used to confidently tell an audience who smoke and make a fuss in the movie theater, “Turn off the cigarette. What are you doing?” 

Actress Han Ji-min caught the public’s attention at once through the SBS drama “All In” produced in 2003. The first time she started acting was as the young version of Su-yeon (Song Hye-kyo) in the drama “All-in“.

han ji min

Han Ji-min received attention for her young and fresh aura along with her clear features at the first time she appeared as an actress, and the fact that she was only one year younger than Song Hye-kyo at the time became a hot topic.

han ji min

Her movie debut is “Blue Swallow,” in which Han Ji-min played the role of Lee Jung-hee, the first female pilot in Korea.

Han Ji-min, who received great attention for her innocent appearance, however, completed her own filmography by participating in various works regardless of genre, character, supporting role, or leading role.

han ji min

She insisted on overturning her representative image of “pureness” and try playing strong characters in various productions such as “Resurrection,” “Capital Scandal,” “Lee San, Wind of the Palace,” “Rooftop Prince,” “Padam Padam,” “Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow,” “Cain and Abel,” “Hyde Jekyll, Me,” and “Happy New Year.”

The actress built a career with many projects regardless of them being long or short stories. She played the role of a blind girl in the short film “Two Lights: Relúmĭno” and impressed viewers with her sincere acting skills.

Having accumulated her own position as a drama and movie actress, Han Ji-min showed her true skills as an actress through the films “The Age of Shadows” and “Miss Baek.”

han ji min

In “The Age of Shadows,” the actress left a strong impression by playing Yeon Kye-soon, a character based on a real person named Hyun Gye-ok, despite her short screen time, and in “Miss Baek,” which deals with the subject of child abuse, she acted with the hope of changing social problems and views.

She was proven to be good at acting by winning many film awards, including the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actress for her first big lead role in the film “Miss Baek.”

han ji min

Han Ji-min recently came back for the first time in the new year with the new movie “Happy New Year.” In this movie, she played Sojin, who has had a crush on her friend for 15 years. Regarding this, she said, “In fact, I was an expert in unrequited love when I was in school,” revealing the secret she had hidden about her school days.

She said she felt warm and healed through this work and will make another transformation in new dramas “Beyond The Memory” and “Our Blues.”

our blues
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