Kim Gun Woo reveals selfies with Cha Joo Young, expressing his regret about their love line in “The Glory”, “

Kim Gun Woo made a confession to Cha Joo Young.

On March 26th, Kim Gun Woo posted several photos on his SNS account with the caption, “Hye Jeong ah, I’ll give you a First Class ride”. The pictures drew attention by showing Kim Gun Woo and Cha Joo Young smiling and making playful poses together.


The photos seem to have been taken during the break from a recent photoshoot. Kim Gun Woo’s caption is actually a line for the love line between his character Son Myung Oh and Cha Joo Young’s character Choi Hye Jung in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”.


Seeing the post, Cha Joo Young replied, “I’m reflecting on myself…What a regret. If it’s not too late, I’ll go with the First Class. But Myung Oh is not here”. 

Actress Kim Hieora, who appeared in “The Glory” as Lee Sa Ra, a close friend of Son Myung Oh and Choi Hye Jung, added the comment, “I support the love of you two♥”, drawing laughter.

Source: Daum

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