BTS Jimin’s Acting as a Fake Provincial Fan Creates a Stir

BTS Jimin pretended to be a local fan.

On March 26th, a video titled “Finding the Imposter among Provincial Fans (feat. BTS Jimin) | PIXID” was released on the YouTube channel ‘Pixid.’ In the video, BTS member Jimin acted as a fake provincial fan.


Jimin came up with a concept of his own and said that he became a fan of BTS when he was 16 years old with their “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” album. He also became a fan after seeing Jin’s face.

He also mentioned that he saw an idol group called TXT while on a break during his military service. When asked about his area code in a chat room, Jimin hesitated, causing other provincial fans to start doubting him. Eventually, Jimin was singled out as the suspected fake fan.


Jimin’s responses to the local fans’ questions were unexpected and confusing, leading the other fans to be suspicious. He wrote “Satisfied just to be under the same sky,” which only added to the confusion. The real provincial fans began to wonder if Jimin was actually from Seoul. 

Jimin looked embarrassed, saying, “I’ve been studying, but I think I gave an answer that has nothing to do with it.”

When Jimin wrote, “I know too,” the fans finally realized that he was the imposter. The other fans were shocked when Jimin was revealed to be the imposter, and Jimin laughed it off, saying that he was just acting. 

Source: Daum

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