Jennie, Jang Wonyoung and now granddaughter of a chaebol family, G-Dragon is surrounded by absurd ‘dating rumors’

The absurd dating rumors of BIGBANG leader G-Dragon, who was surrounded by rumors of a breakup with Blackpink Jennie in the past, have been shed light again.

Recently, G-Dragon suffered from a headache due to dating rumors originating from China. In particular, on the 10th, various entertainment media outlets in China reported his dating rumors with a third-generation chaebol, along with photos of G-Dragon attending a concert.

moon seo yoon g-dragon

The photos reported by these media were taken at the time G-Dragon enjoyed a performance in the concert hall wearing a mask.

In particular, Chinese media fueled suspicions of a dating relationship, saying that the person who watched the performance with G-Dragon was the only granddaughter of Shinsegae Group Chairman Lee Myung-hee.

moon seo yoon

Chinese netizens also showed high interest in a photo of A, a third-generation Shinsegae, waving a YGX light stick with a person believed to be G-Dragon, which was posted on her SNS.

However, a Shinsegae official denied the romance rumor on the same day, saying, “As unconfirmed facts led to indiscriminate speculative reports beyond simple happening, we made an official position to correct the wrong information.” The official also requested, “Please refrain from further reckless and speculative reports.”

Previously, in October of last year, G-Dragon suffered from a rumor that he was dating Jang Won-young, a member of IVE.


On October 11 of last year, an article titled ‘Suspicion of Jang Won-young and G-D couple look’ was posted on the online community ‘Nate’.

At the time, the author of the post said, “Jang Won-young went to the Miu Miu fashion show in Paris a few days ago. There were many stories about how strange she was wearing clothes that were out of season.”

Jang Won-young G-dragon

He continued, “It turns out that G-Dragon also attended Paris Fashion Week around the same time, and it was confirmed that he was wearing a Chanel item that was almost identical to the one worn by Jang Won-young. G-Dragon wore it on October 2nd, and Jang Won-young wore it on October 4th. Some have raised suspicions that they were wearing a couple look.”

The author then left a question, “IVE’s Jang Won-young suddenly appeared on G-Dragon’s Instagram these days, and dating rumors are circulating between the two. Is it a coincidence?”

G-Dragon Jang Won-young

This is a suspicion that started with a photo G-Dragon posted on his Instagram story on October 6 last year along with the words “Thank you for the lovely gift.” The photo posted by G-Dragon at the time included a photo of a gift he received from the brand Miu Miu.

In particular, it was speculated that G-Dragon hinted at his relationship with Jang Won-young by adding a sticker of the IVE member under the phrase ‘lovely’.

However, Miu Miu’s side refuted, saying, “The products worn by Jang Won-young are collection products that have not yet been released, and will be released through a campaign in November.”

Jang Won-young G-dragon

Jang Won-young’s agency, Starship Entertainment, also warned, “We will take strong legal action against the spread of false information related to our artist that is being circulated on social media.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon was rumored to be dating BLACKPINK Jennie in the past. Then, the rumor that Jennie broke up with G-Dragon broke out right after the rumor that she was dating BTS member V, attracting a lot of attention.

Recently, G-Dragon signed a new contract with his agency, YG Entertainment, and it is said that he is preparing to release an album this year.

Source: Wikitree

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