Chanel is treating their ambassadors, BLACKPINK Jennie and NewJeans Minji, differently?

Despite both being ambassadors of Chanel, BLACKPINK Jennie and NewJeans Minji are receiving different treatment from the luxury brand.

NewJeans Minji was recently announced as the new ambassadors for Chanel Korea’s fashion, beauty, and watch & jewelry, drawing huge attention from netizens. However, many suspect the validity of Minji’s title, seeing that even now, Chanel still published no official announcement on the brand’s SNS platforms. 

chanel jennie minji

Nevertheless, in celebration of joining “Chanel’s World”, Minji received a lot of gifts from Chanel, including cakes, flowers, and balloons, creating a dreaming party scene. Still, some still express reluctance to believe, claiming that Chanel often sends their designs as gifts, not sweets. In addition, many pointed out that the photos of Chanel’s “alleged gifts” were published by a bakery in Korea, so there’s no concrete evidence that these were actually sent by Chanel. 

minji chanel
The “party” to celebrate Minji’s joining “Chanel’s World”
minji chanel
Here, Chanel allegedly sent gifted Minji customized sweets, flowers, and balloons 
minji chanel
Sugar cooks were made in the shaped bunnies – NewJeans’ symbol, along with Chanel’s logo and Minji’s name 

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK Jennie, who is also a Chanel ambassador, received a vastly different treatment. In particular, the luxury brand never fails to pamper Jennie with gifts, whether it’s for her birthday, Christmas, the New Year, or other occasions and events. 

Recently, for her birthday, Jennie had a party with Chanel and was given a customized flower bouquet and a bag from the brand’s latest collection. 

jennie chanel
Jennie had a birthday party with Chanel
jennie chanel
The BLACKPINK member was also gifted a Chanel bag 

As Chanel is always giving Jennie its most luxury items, even customizing her concert outfits, it’s no longer a surprise to see Jennie using clothes and accessories from Chanel. Whenever she travels for a Chanel event, Jennie’s hotel rooms are decorated by Chanel, parties are held for her, and various of the brand’s products are given to her. Once, Chanel even sent a whole coffee truck to show support for Jennie. 

jennie chanel
Many small parties are held to celebrate Jennie
jennie chanel
The female idol has received numerous luxury gifts from Chanel 
jennie chanel
Chanel sent Jennie endless Christmas gifts
jennie chanel
The brand also sent a coffee truck in support of their ambassador 

As of the moment, many comparisons have arisen regarding Chanel’s different treatment towards Minji and Jennie. However, some netizens explained that Minji is a new ambassador, while Jennie has worked with Chanel for a long time, so this is natural. 

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