A netizen sparks a heated debate by listing out the “filler members” of BLACKPINK, TWICE, Red Velvet and more

These members of idol groups are said to be unnecessary in their groups. 

Kpop idol groups often have a large number of members, resulting in the members not having the opportunity to shine equally. Although every member has their own roles and positions, there are many cases where one person is overshadowed by others.

Recently, a netizen sparked controversy for voicing their opinion about the filler members of famous idol groups. According to this netizen, the following idols are not necessarily the least talented or considered their groups’ “visual hole”, but when they are compared to other members, they have less presence and impact. If you were to take them out of the picture, the groups would not take a huge hit. 


Since debut, Jisoo has always been mocked for being the least talented and outstanding member of BLACKPINK. Although she is known as a top visual of Kpop 3rd generation and takes on the position of BLACKPINK’s lead vocalist, Jisoo is still constantly labeled “a flower without scent” by anti-fans. 

The filler members of K-pop groups

The original poster commented that compared to another lead vocalist of BLACKPINK, Jennie, Jisoo’s vocal lacks stability and that her voice can sound annoying sometimes. As the lineup of BLACKPINK has Rosé as a solid main vocalist, Lisa as a charming rapper and dancer, Jennie as an all-rounder, Jisoo is said to barely bring anything to the table except visuals.

The filler members of K-pop groups

Jeongyeon (TWICE)

Jeongyeon is also considered a filler member of TWICE with a similar reason to Jisoo. In terms of talent, Jeongyeon is always appreciated for her vocal color and technique, along with stable live singing skills. 

The filler members of K-pop groups

However, despite being a lead vocalist, Jeongyeon does not get many lines in TWICE’s songs. She is never given the killing parts or impactful lines, causing her to lack presence compared to other members. This explains why OP thinks Jeongyeon has not proven herself as an important factor that contributes to TWICE’s success.

The filler members of K-pop groups
The filler members of K-pop groups
Jeongyeon is still recovering from her health problems. Due to the side effects of the treatment, she gained a lot of weight. This causes Jeongyeon to suffer from anti-fans’ hate even more. 

Yeri (Red Velvet)

It is not surprising for Red Velvet‘s OT4 fans to be bitter towards Yeri. As a member added to the lineup months after the group’s debut, Yeri gets scrutinized by netizens every step of the way. Anti-fans claim that Yeri is not a necessary member of Red Velvet because she does not hold the main responsibility in a certain area.

The filler members of K-pop groups

Although in terms of visuals, Yeri always receives many compliments for her pure and sweet beauty that suit SM’s standards, Irene and Joy are the two most recognized members. The remaining 3 areas of vocal, rap and dance are not particularly Yeri’s strengths either. OP concluded that the 4-member lineup was more than enough to make Red Velvet successful.

The filler members of K-pop groups

Jaehyuk (TREASURE)

The 2001-born male idol once caused a fierce controversy when he was favored by the company for a debut spot even though his talent was on of the worst among the contestants on the show “YG Treasure Box”. At that time, netizens accused YG of preferring visuals to talents, but it became even more difficult to understand because Jaehyuk is not an idol with outstanding visuals.

The filler members of K-pop groups

According to the author, the remaining members of TREASURE all successfully fulfill the 3 areas of vocal – dance – rap without Jaehyuk’s support, so the idol is in the lineup just because “the more the merrier”.

The filler members of K-pop groups

Huening Bahiyyih (KEP1ER)

KEP1ER has just debuted for less than a month, but Huening Bahiyyih has encountered all kinds of trouble. Beside being mocked for having too few singing lines in the debut mini-album, the female idol was also criticized by anti-fans as incompetent. She was even ignored by the group’s own fandom, and now considered by netizens as a redundant member of the group.

The filler members of K-pop groups

Perhaps because KEP1ER is inherently strong in dance, Bahiyyih’s dancing ability has always become the focus of discussion among netizens. OP emphasized that the mixed angel’s movements are often stiff, so maybe she got to debut because of her brother’s fame.

The filler members of K-pop groups
Huening Bahiyyih

In general, the idols listed by the topic as redundant in idol groups are not based on any specific criteria, so it is difficult to convince Kpop fans. Although they are really controversial factors in terms of talent, visuals, and charm, once they are a piece of the group, everyone has their own value.

Fans of the above groups expressed their anger as their idols were unreasonably criticized:

  • TWICE is only perfect when there are 9 members.
  • No one in Red Velvet is redundant, Yeri can both support and compose songs. Go back and listen to their music again!
  • Jeongyeon has few vocal lines due to JYP, but technically, my girl can easily surpass the main vocal of some other groups.
  • Jisoo just doesn’t have a very beautiful voice color, but she sings live the most stable in the group.
  • If Jaehyuk was incompetent, would YG let him debut? He’s not the best, but he’s always improved over his past self.
  • No one is “redundant”. The groups are perfect with the current number of members.
  • In terms of talent, Jeongyeon has many, but it’s just that she didn’t get promoted by the company so she didn’t stand out.
  • As a group, no one is redundant. Each person has their own role and meaning.


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