The director of “All Of Us Are Dead” directly talked about the burden they faced while doing the drama remake of a hit webtoon

Joo Dong-geun’s webtoon “Now at Our School” will be remade into a drama series and released on Netflix. 

All Of Us Are Dead

On Jan 26th, director Lee Jae-kyu expressed his feelings about directing a work based on a popular webtoon at the online production presentation for Netflix’s new series “All Of Us Are Dead”.

Director Lee introduced the series, saying, “’All Of Us Are Dead’ is a work in about students who are less mature and socialized than adults and how they face a zombie apocalypse. I think it will be fun and meaningful to look at what young students choose at the crossroads between life and death. I think it’s a meaningful zombie series,” he said.

All Of Us Are Dead

He also talked a lot with author Joo Dong-geun about the direction of the work, saying, “I couldn’t help but feel burdened. The original webtoon is a legendary masterpiece and it has so many fans. The cast also liked the original work,” he said. “We have had meetings with writer Joo to listen to his ideas of how the work should be proceeded and to brainstorming together.”

“We then talked about what kind of hope people should live with, what is the meaning of ‘being human’ and ‘being adult’. I hope it will be a drama where you can feel emotional and think about life after watching it,” he added.

All Of Us Are Dead” will be released on Netflix on Jan 28th.


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