BLACKPINK members being fashion icones on the balcony: who boasted the best pose?

No matter where they are in the world, it seems that the balcony is the favorite place for photos of BLACKPINK members

As of the moment, BLACKPINK is among the most successful Kpop artists, not only in the realm of music and acting, but also in fashion. In fact, all BLACKPINK members are global ambassadors for high-end brands, earning them invitations to luxury fashion events all around the world. Looking at their check-in photos, however, fans recognized a coincidence: all BLACKPINK members love to pose by the balcony. 

blackpink lisa jisoo
BLACKPINK is among the most successful Kpop artists, especially in the realm of fashion
blackpink lisa jisoo
All members of BLACKPINK seem to share a favorite check-in spot – the balcony


With various luxury deals in her hands, BLACKPINK Jisoo often travels to Europe and the US to attend fashion events. 

jisoo instagram
BLACKPINK Jisoo often travels to Western nations
jisoo instagram
And often poses with balconies during her trip there

Looking at photos of these trips, however, fans discover that Jisoo often appears on the balcony. In one particular shot, the female idol was dressed in a black dress and Cartier jewelry, exuding regalty and classiness. 

blackpink jisoo
The idol shined despite poor lighting conditions.
blackpink jisoo balcony
The female idol has checked in on various different balconies in the countries she visited 


Similar to Jisoo, Rosé also finds balcony spots to take photos whenever she travels to the West, and this also happened in her iconic black-and-white photo. Adorning an outfit from Saint Laurent and boasting her ideal figure, Rosé truly looked like a masterpiece.

The perfect visual of Rosé in a black-and-white photo
blackpink rose balcony
Another photo of Rosé on a balcony in France

Even in photos taken from behind, where her face wasn’t clearly shown, Rosé’s visual managed to shine through. Fans also couldn’t help but praise the BLACKPINK member’s long legss and extremely slim waist

blackpink rose balcony
Rosé’s long legs easily became the talk of town 


The balcony is a classic background in Jennie’s photos whenever the female idol appears in Western countries. From hotel balconies to others, Jennie never failed to look like the “human Chanel” with her extremely chic aura. 

Jennie BLACKPINK Paris Fashion Week 2022
The balcony is a classic background in Jennie’s photos
Jennie BLACKPINK Paris Fashion Week 2022
Jennie and her Chanel outfit easily won the heart of many fans 
Jennie BLACKPINK Paris Fashion Week 2022
The female idol’s outfit perfectly highlighted Jennie’s slim waist 


Of course, Lisa is no exception to this balcony trend, with her most recent balcony photo being of Lisa in a sexy Celine fit and long, layered hair. 

Lisa never fails to take photos on the balcony with her stunning outfits
The female idol once again resumed this streak at the recent Celine event 

With her doll-like visuals and astounding confidence, Lisa’s balcony pictures are just as iconic as those of her other members. So far, no new look from Lisa has not gone viral among netizens.

blackpink lisa balcony
Dressed in a yellow gown, Lisa looked like a princess in this balcony shot.
blackpink lisa balcony
The female idol proves herself as the trusted ambassador of luxury designer house BVLGARI 

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