BLACKPINK Jennie’s 9-Year-Old Look-Alike ‘Little Jennie’ Wows with ‘SOLO’ Stage

Jung Choha, often referred to as ‘Little Jennie’, delivered a flawless performance on ‘The Burning Roses’

Jung Choha, who captured everyone’s attention with her appearance strikingly similar to BLACKPINK’s Jennie, as well as her exceptional dancing skills, left everyone surprised with her latest performance on ‘The Burning Roses’.

Jeong Cho-ha

On September 27th, Jung Choha appeared on MBN’s ‘The Burning Roses’ and performed Jennie’s song ‘SOLO.’ Jung Choha showcased not only her outstanding live performance skills but also her professional aura on stage. She even managed to portray Jennie’s confident expressions well. 

Despite being only 9 years old, Jung Choha’s skills are on par with adults, leaving the audience in awe. Park Narae and Yang Sehyung were both impressed by Jung Choha’s performance.

Viewers watching Jung Choha’s performance were also equally surprised. They exclaimed, “This is truly a talent,” “I didn’t expect anything, but I was pleasantly surprised,” “I can’t believe it’s live.”

Source: insight

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