JYP is said to be looking into ITZY Lia’s past through her former classmates

The newly revealed information raises doubts about whether Lia (ITZY) is really innocent in the school violence scandal.

Earlier this year, two netizens “A” and “B” accused ITZY Lia of committing acts of school violence and were found innocent by the police after JYP filed a lawsuit.

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On July 28, “B” posted on SNS the following specific article: “At first, “A” and I did not know each other, but through the investigation, I had the opportunity to interact with her.  And as the articles reported, we were innocent.  However, when “A” contacted the investigator, they said that JYP had not sent any request for re-investigation as announced.

On June 16, an old classmate called me and said that ITZY’s manager is contacting the graduates of Shin Song Middle School to ask, “How’s Choi Ji Soo (Lia’s real name) in secondary school?” Lia’s cousin is also a graduate of Shin Song Middle School, perhaps because of that, this person is also trying to get in touch with my old classmates.

On June 18, another friend informed me that almost all the Shin Song graduates who knew me had been contacted by JYP. At the same time, Lia’s legal representative asked to see me and “A”. However, “A” refuses to meet if Lia is not present in person.

On June 21, JYP’s deputy artist director of division 2 again asked to see me and “A”. But this time they bluntly wanted us to meet the company’s legal team without Lia’s presence, otherwise the meeting would be cancelled.

Believing that negotiating with the legal team was completely futile, “A” has since avoided all contact with JYP. Of course “A” allowed me to post this, we are currently dealing with stress and fatigue.”

According to  JYP Entertainment, the company is asking the police to re-investigate Lia’s allegations of school bullying. The female singer continues to work while there are no new updates on the incident.

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